Settlers of Catan Board Games – Shopping Guide For Christmas 2009

First of all, the Settlers of Catan game by Mayfair Games is a break-away, best selling game for a very good reason. It is just perfect for family play because nobody gets eliminated. And the players that are behind are still playing but they can pursue different goals. It is a very easy game to learn how to play. It is a strategy game that again, is very family friendly (important!).Over eleven million Catan board games have been sold so far which reinforces the notion that this is a GREAT game that is enjoyed by lots of other people. So here’s how the game plays out in case you don’t know but are interested in it.Each of the players are going to collect and use the resources within the game to build roads, cities and settlements. And the best part? Well, that would be this game is so variable – that no two games are the same. It all depends on the players and you, of course!Now, this Settles of Catan game is just ideal for three to four players. And for ages of ten and up. The game is pretty quick too because it can be finished within one and a half hours. Enough time to just get a game in before Christmas dinner.When you get the game, you will be getting six sea frame pieces, 19 terrain hexes, nine harbor pieces, 18 circular number tokens, sixty roads, sixteen cities, twenty settlements, 126 game cards, two dice and… a rules and almanac booklet.Whew! Now that is what I call a fun game. But don’t worry a thing. It is really easy, and a lot of fun to play. Everyone can learn to play it quickly and get the game going.It is no wonder that the Settlers of Catan board games are the BEST selling game of the year according to Amazon in both USA and Germany.Not only that, the makers of this board game, Mayfair games, won numerous awards for the best game too. Truthfully, this game is going to bring you and your family hours and hours of fun and together time.Keep this in mind, there are also expansion and spin off games of the original strategy game. But for this game, you get the game rules and almanac booklet. It is a short and simple read to know enough to get started. The rules are straightforward and is only four pages long. And there are illustrations in it too.Now this game was designed for three to four players at a time. If you get one of the expansions, you can play some more people. I suggest that you get this if there are more people that want to play so everyone can play and nobody is waiting.The Settlers of Catan is a strategy game. Not only you have to think about your moves, you also have to think about your opponents moves too. Along the road to Catan, you will be picking up resources and building new roads, settlements and cities.

Twists on Classic Board Games

There are many board games out there which are well loved, and for good reason. These games have captured the imaginations of millions of people and continue to be popular today. However, for devoted fans of the game, sometimes a little variety is nice. Playing the same strategies over and over again, trying to accomplish the same goals, and always running into the same obstacles can get pretty tiring. Yet, having the familiarity of the original game is nice, it gives one a familiar territory in which they feel comfortable. This is why different variations of classic board games have become popular. These new editions, twisting the game in some way, deliver both the familiar setting yet exciting new ways to play that game.One classic game that has been twisted about in a new edition is Risk 2210 AD. This game, imagining Risk set in the future, offers a fresh new perspective on the beloved game. The map of the game board is almost identical to classic Risk. All of the world’s continents are still in place and fully in tact. Some of the territories on those continents have been redrawn and many of them have actually been renamed to fit a more futuristic theme. Greenland is no longer called such, but has become now known as the “Exiled States of America.” Water territories have been added to the game, giving players portions of the oceans to form bases on and control. Additionally, and perhaps most interestingly, the moon has been added as another area of the game. If a player controls a space station, acquires a space commander, and then is able to send armies to the moon, this area then becomes controllable and battles are able to occur there.Risk 2210 AD certainly turns into an interesting premise on the classic world domination game that Risk was known as. It presents players with a sense of a potential future while still giving them a fun strategy base to play with. Classic Risk, while still a great game, doesn’t offer the intrigue that Risk 2210 AD can provide, and players interested in another take should consider this game.Another classic game that has been twisted into an exciting new rendition is The Game of Life. With The Game of Life: Twists and Turns, players now seek to gain the most life points instead of the highest amount of money. The game board has been completely redesigned, however, with different paths being offered to players so that they can find the highest number of life points.The game has been given an electronic makeover as well, as each player is granted an electronic Life Pod at the beginning of the game which not only controls all of their monetary assets, but keeps track of their life points and “rolls the dice” as well. This clever re-invention of the game has given The Game of Life a new spark of life. One of the major criticisms of the game was that it only promoted wealth and that is not very representative of true happiness. Now, with the new version, players try to be more fulfilled than simply wealthy. This, and other new takes on classic games, give players the chance to enjoy themselves in all new ways!

The Best Board Games For Year Round Fun

Some toys and games just don’t get used all that much after they find their way into your home. While board games are a brilliant idea for birthdays and Christmas, they are one of the best things to enjoy throughout the year. When the weather is bad and you’re not in the mood for firing up your Wii, a good game is perfect family entertainment that won’t run up your electricity bills!There is a bumper crop of great board games on the market right now, from classics such as Monopoly (available in all manner of great editions, from the original up to Monopoly City and Monopoly Here And Now), Scrabble, Cluedo and many more. Then there are a number of wonderful new titles that have come onto the scene in recent years, all of which are great additions to your games cupboards.Some of the best games around right now include titles such as Bananagrams, Quirkle, Settlers of Catan, Apples To Apples, Pictureka and many more. Do you like movies and TV shows? There are great games based on Doctor Who, Hannah Montana, The Twilight movies, Harry Potter and more to choose from! They’re all a great idea for something different and fun to enjoy at home with family and friends.They can be great at parties or gatherings, and can be a fun way to break the ice. There are any number of games available to choose from, and right now many of the best titles can be found at low prices following the various seasonal discounts that are there to be taken advantage of. Think about games that you can enjoy with family members, or games that you can share with friends.The whole point is to have fun together and enjoy the company of the other players. Board games can even be a social thing! There are various places where you can find board games nights such as specialist games stores and comic shops around the world. Check your local listings to see where you can enjoy your fix of board games fun with likeminded individuals.Board games may seem a little old fashioned to some people, but they have stuck around on the market and remain popular due to the simple facts that they are ingenious and fun. Good family fun at a low price is hard to come by these days and the best board games are a superb way to enjoy yourselves without breaking the bank.