Settlers of Catan Board Games – Shopping Guide For Christmas 2009

First of all, the Settlers of Catan game by Mayfair Games is a break-away, best selling game for a very good reason. It is just perfect for family play because nobody gets eliminated. And the players that are behind are still playing but they can pursue different goals. It is a very easy game to learn how to play. It is a strategy game that again, is very family friendly (important!).Over eleven million Catan board games have been sold so far which reinforces the notion that this is a GREAT game that is enjoyed by lots of other people. So here’s how the game plays out in case you don’t know but are interested in it.Each of the players are going to collect and use the resources within the game to build roads, cities and settlements. And the best part? Well, that would be this game is so variable – that no two games are the same. It all depends on the players and you, of course!Now, this Settles of Catan game is just ideal for three to four players. And for ages of ten and up. The game is pretty quick too because it can be finished within one and a half hours. Enough time to just get a game in before Christmas dinner.When you get the game, you will be getting six sea frame pieces, 19 terrain hexes, nine harbor pieces, 18 circular number tokens, sixty roads, sixteen cities, twenty settlements, 126 game cards, two dice and… a rules and almanac booklet.Whew! Now that is what I call a fun game. But don’t worry a thing. It is really easy, and a lot of fun to play. Everyone can learn to play it quickly and get the game going.It is no wonder that the Settlers of Catan board games are the BEST selling game of the year according to Amazon in both USA and Germany.Not only that, the makers of this board game, Mayfair games, won numerous awards for the best game too. Truthfully, this game is going to bring you and your family hours and hours of fun and together time.Keep this in mind, there are also expansion and spin off games of the original strategy game. But for this game, you get the game rules and almanac booklet. It is a short and simple read to know enough to get started. The rules are straightforward and is only four pages long. And there are illustrations in it too.Now this game was designed for three to four players at a time. If you get one of the expansions, you can play some more people. I suggest that you get this if there are more people that want to play so everyone can play and nobody is waiting.The Settlers of Catan is a strategy game. Not only you have to think about your moves, you also have to think about your opponents moves too. Along the road to Catan, you will be picking up resources and building new roads, settlements and cities.